poor show Telegraph
December 15, 2011, 6:25 pm
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Sheesh, I give corporate land a thumbs up one day and the next it’s back in the toilet. Here’s the latest from the media. Sharing joy and tolerance everywhere. I get an ex-pat email from the Telegraph–english newspaper. It’s got interesting stories about life abroad from a UK perspective. So I get a slideshow–Christmas Dinner around the World. Ok might be interesting I’ll take a look.. First one is Iceland. Cool, interesting dishes. Click on, see some things I’ve heard of and others that are new to me. Lots of shots of laden dinner tables, cozy candlelight, the whole deal. Then you click through–a possum head fills the screen–with the caption…

“There is not much difference between an American and British Christmas table, other than the fact many families across the pond prefer to eat a meat other than turkey (it’s not that long after Thanksgiving, after all). In poorer, rural areas, dinner might well be whatever people can lay their hands on. Roasted possum, anyone?”

Yikes, how embarrassing. I was pretty offended. Really offended in fact. Why would they want to do this?


vegetarian options update NO version
April 10, 2011, 10:36 am
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Well we’re visiting the land of the pig. New Orleans. So far we’re managing to find good stuff to eat that is not bacon. Now that we’ve started the poll we’re collecting data on our travels. Overheard at our breakfast spot yesterday–Server, yeah we’re out of the fruit side dish. Girl, ok i’ll take the bacon.” Sheesh!!

At a breakfast meeting this morning–doode notes that everyone finished their fruit and there were three heaping plates of bacon left over. How much bacon can a person eat? Folks are TRYING to eat healthy!!

Poll: vegetarians at the business lunch
April 6, 2011, 6:37 pm
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We’re starting a poll here at Turdacres. Have you ever noticed this:

no more veggie all the rest are meat

We go to a lot of business meetings when we’re not home at the Acres, and it is so interesting to see how people choose to set up a lunch. So many times we see platters upon platters of meat options and only the slightest nod to the veggie-preferring folks. Have times changed? Are people choosing the veggie options when presented because they’re trying to be healthy? Are they trying to not eat meat at every meal? Or what?

I would love it if we could recast the conversation for those old fogies who make the lunch orders. Instead of thinking that only vegetarians like to not eat the meat sandwich. A meatarian can eat veggies from time to time! And shocker–they may actually WANT to. Who wants to eat some gross cold cut as their meat option for the day, methinks, if you were going to eat the stuff, wouldn’t you want to eat it when you know it’s worth it, and GOOD??

Instead of framing the conversation as “let’s provide something for the vegetarians weirdos to eat” could we help our meeting organizers think–let’s provide some healthy options, as we’re all trying to cut down on our meat consumption.

If we really stretched ourselves we might even take this to an “it’s greener” level. All of this meat wasted is much worse for the environment than a bunch of veggie sandwiches. Sigh. I’m just tired of feeling like a complete whiner for requesting a non-meat lunch–when it’s CLEAR that a LOT of people prefer it!!

What do you think about this issue. Please take this poll. I’d also love to hear your comments! Thanks!

I’ve been looking around the web for any kinds of references to these issues. I’d love it if you could share some with me. I did find this one..how to host a sustainable meeting in Brussels. You go, Brussels! This is so needed. Common sense recommendations like have carafes of water instead of bottles, reduce amount of meat–as it has a large carbon footprint. Source local food, and try and avoid waste. There’s no great solution for paper and plastic dishes and utensils. That’s a big one we see a lot in our meeting settings.

eggs in denmark
October 2, 2010, 5:48 pm
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I always like to check out grocery stores while travelling, and now that we have chickens, we have to make a special stop in the egg department. So, in Copenhagen, here’s the deal.

organic eggs in denmark

they actually look like ours! various sizes and colors!

We checked out a few grocery stores. The shelves at this one (a more pricey chain) were kind of bare by the time we got there (around 6 pm). But they have several different kinds of eggs. Not as many varieties as we saw in Australia, but several. Interestingly they sell a lot of six packs! And when you hear the price you will understand why.

23 DKK comes to the big old $4.20 USD. That’s for a half dozen people!!! Yikes. Our friends were shocked that you could get a dozen for under a dollar over here. Alas, you have to expect that they’re probably tainted and/or toxic, but hey, at least they’re super cheap right??! : (

the city that ran on diesel–copenhagen
October 1, 2010, 8:24 pm
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There are a LOT of museums in Copenhagen. Good stuff. One of the interesting ones was the Diesel House. It’s a company museum–once the largest employer in town–B&W engines. Diesel engines for ships and once, in this case, for power generation.

Yes that’s right, the city of Copenhagen ran for many many years, on diesel fuel. Can you imagine? Well they made a museum out of the big old engine. I mean it’s insanely huge! And even more interesting–once a week or so, they RUN it!! So when you walk into the place–it smells like an engine shop. There are big huge tools nearby. Cool!

On the day we went, it was the two of us, one single woman, and two asian dudes, maybe chinese or korean. They were getting a personal tour–maybe they were engineers. Engineers would love this place because in rooms next to the giant engine there was a museum exhibit about B&W engines and all of their innovations. And they had really cool working models that would be very educational if you were into that sort of thing.

Funny signs of company interests: They talked about the continued relevance of diesel. One funny panel showed a big truck moving windmill parts–always a need for diesel! And apparently there’s still a need for this kind of power generation on remote scandinavian islands. But the biggest use seems to be in the shipping industry, where they are making ever larger ships. It was really kind of an interesting topic. I didn’t expect to find it so engaging. But there you go!

Anyhow, I came across this video of the CEO giving a video tour of the place. We didn’t see this on view but you can hear the engine running so I thought it’d be neat to put up.

And you can check out the museum’s website which is also kind of neat.

copenhagen faqs
September 27, 2010, 6:06 pm
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Number of questions asked by immigration inspection in copenhagen airport: 0
Number of words spoken to us by immigration officer in copenhagen airport: 0
Number of officers visible in customs area inspection in copenhagen airport: 0

Ah, such a civilized land!

Number of days of maternity/ paternity leave: 365
Percent of tax on automobile purchase: 100%
Yes, that’s right. If your car costs 20,000, you pay another 20000 in tax! AND….
If it’s a luxury car, you pay 200%!

They also pay 400.00 a month to high school students living at home. And 900 if you live on your own.
And of course, university is free!

They don’t really get the vegetarian thing. At least in the places we were eating. It seemed to cause great consternation for the servers. They always asked–fish ok? And then they served us beets. Poor doode. His least favorite vegetable!

Well anyhow we survived. And we had a great time. More details to follow.

the chicken tractor that stopped us cold
June 10, 2010, 8:17 pm
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I’m thinking back to our great summer vacation two summers ago–when we rented a crappy shack on lake huron near sauble beach. There were lots of good times on that vaca, but one that stands out is the chicken tractor. Yes we have a strange idea of fun. But anyhow.

On the last day of vaca we decided that each person would get to choose one thing to do. My choice was easy. A day or so prior we’d driven past the most amazing chicken tractor I’d ever seen. So my choice was that we’d drive on back there and get some pictures. We drove and drove, and then –there it was. I was nervous–was it as cool as I remembered? Relief NO CONTEST–cool! Coolest chicken tractor EVER!!!

We pulled over to check it out. We’re on the side of the road in awe, we got out the car to take a closer look. And then I look back down the road. A gigantic combine was approaching. It was so huge it took the whole road and the shoulder–where the honda was sitting. Like some kind of freak show circus thing–we ran like lunatics jumped back in the car and got out the way. It was pretty funny. Got no pictures of that, but we did drive into the farm and we did get LOTS of pictures of the cool thing. Ok enough build up, here are the pics and you can decide!!

hey what is that thing?

love the blue skies up near owen sound

there's a lot of chickens in there

check out the double decker nest box system!

chickens like shade

The chickens would follow the shade, spreading out when the clouds moved in, out into the grass, and then coming back in under the tractor when the sun re-appeared. It was cool!

The family who owned the farm were nice folks. They were doing the whole subsistence farming thing, by the looks of it. And kind of new on the job I think, a younger couple with kids. They had a ton of beets-and we bought some. They said they drove it all into TO, which seems crazy to imagine. Kind of a long haul. Beautiful skies and farmland up there. Definitely one of my favorite places in Canada. You should go!

Oh yeah, and to answer the question that you have–the other things we did–spent time at the beach watching the sunset, go-carting, and can’t recall, but probably going to Tim Horton’s!