super chicken no more
February 28, 2012, 10:59 am
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Very sad news on the farm today. Edwina, super chicken, is no more.

Edwina, March 9, 2009-February 28, 2012

She’d been losing weight for a while and was unable to keep her food down. She’d have good days and not so good ones. At last I brought her inside for some TLC. She spent her last day in the box in the house snoozing and being hand fed. The other chickens are mean to a lowly bird–and I couldn’t stand seeing her being attacked and pushed around. She was so weak she couldn’t jump out of the run, and spent her last night in the coop sleeping in the nest box. Poor thing.
We took her to the vet this morning. The vet surmised that she had some kind of a tumor, or bound egg perhaps, that led to her crop infection and poor health. We opted out of having X-rays and more bloodwork done as it was more stress for the bird. We had her put to sleep and buried her in the yard. Rest in peace little buddy.

She was my special bird. My garden buddy. So keen for worms she’d get on top of the shovel. She was independent and always off in search of good eats. She was a lean machine, not a lap chicken, but friendly nevertheless. She was somewhere in the middle of the flock. Her voice was unique–like a trumpet! Edwina you will be missed!

baby edwina second from the right.

Edwina at 3 months

hot edwina, august 2009

Edwina checking the treat bowl

edwina getting her clean on

edwina many happy afternoons foraging

edwina in the coop

edwina super chicken

edwina in the hospice box


chickens nearly three years old!

Some stuff fell in behind a drawer in the kitchen today so i couldn’t shut the drawer. Lo and behold lookee what I found under there!!

5 chickens from ohio

Hard to believe you could put a price on our little flock, but there it is. Five little bundles of joy, all for 2.53 a piece! (2.70 for the mean but beautiful Bubbles!).

Let’s take a look back at the little cherubs as they near their 3rd birthday!! Can you believe it?

There's Bubbles on the left upper corner second from the top.

here's another shot of bubbles with liz and a barred rock butt

liz telling bubbles to sample life outside the box. notice edwina looking for something. she hasn't had her first worm yet!

What a great adventure it’s been. It’s good to remind us of the old days, as we’re contemplating another run west to get another mini-flock this spring! Are you planning on getting some chickens this year?? I’d love to hear about it!

remodeling the coop
May 23, 2011, 10:26 am
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Lots going on around the acres–we’re in the busy spring planting season. One of the non garden things on the list was to redo the coop. It just wasn’t quite right. The roost was a bit too high for the girls, and I had to give them a “step” to help them get up there. They’d still jump down in the morning-they’d stand there calculating how to do it, and where to aim and then-whooomp–it looked hard on them. And then there was the crazy nest box. Also too high. And too big for one, and too small for two. Lots of fighting.

Anyhow, a big reno was required. I washed their windows–vacuumed out the cobwebs, the whole bit. Then I lowered the roost and made a nest box on the ground. The girls were not happy with all the noise, and they didn’t really want to go and check it out.

Edwina gave me the whatfor–in her loudest disdainful voice–WHAT? you moved WHAT?! I do NOT approve. GIRLS! come and check this OUT! The water has been MOVED!

When the other girls came in they immediately easily popped up on the roost. They seemed to like that part.

hey what did you do to my house?

ooh, this is cozy! now can i have some privacy please?

Birds have feelings..
May 5, 2011, 9:01 am
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Thanks, some dude at Bristol, for doing a study about chicken’s feelings. Anyone who owns chickens can attest to the fact that not only do they feel empathy, but they feel annoyance, anticipation, etc etc.

Yesterday, for instance, I heard annoyance–poor knuckles got kicked out the nest box so that bubbles (the not so empathetic chicken) could have a go. Poor knuckles stood at the coop door broadcasting her displeasure to all in the turdacres domain. I’ve heard Liz make these distinctive (and screamingly loud) repetitive bu-gahs, and lately have seen a pushed out Edwina do them, and now Knuckles. Is it, oh my god hurry up! i need the nest box!! hurry up! There is definitely a chicken language. I wonder who’s studying that?

arctic explorers–chickens take a walk
February 18, 2011, 5:08 pm
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an icy road but adventure calls

4 set out, liz stays behind

they must stay on the path!

Will they make it? Will they find their goal? What is their goal, anyway?

they find nirvana!

Ah yes, a chance to scratch in the feed room. And,

and a sunny spot for a snooze!

Meanwhile, Liz stayed behind. She doesn’t like cold feet! Here’s what she had to say about it:

Silly chicken. She didn’t like being left alone, but there was no way she was going to freeze her huge toes. So, I ended up carrying her over to enjoy the sun for a few minutes. Spoiled chickens!

what does a chicken do when it’s hot outside?
May 30, 2010, 10:08 am
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edwina's armpits

She airs her pits of course! Of all the chickens, Edwina has the lowest tolerance to heat, and she can usually be seen walking around with her pits like this–catching the slightest breeze! She’s the only chicken who seems to use this particular technique. The others just walk around with their mouths open, panting.

In other Edwina news, she may be molting at long last. She hasn’t been producing eggs lately and the ones she’s been making are kind of strange–sometime they look tie-dyed with graduating shades of white and brown.

what cage-free looks like
May 1, 2010, 8:19 am
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On my way to Denver. Checking out the local paper found this relevant story with some great pics of chicks. This is a nice story about how cage free eggs are produced. Approximately 20,000 chickens will live in a barn that’s 330 feet long. They can move about, from roost to nest box, to dust bathing area on the ground level. So it’s definitely a lot nicer for the birds than the battery system. Check out this neat photo. First it’s a really beautiful shot, and second–it’s like 20,000 Edwina’s! Love those birds going up and down the ramps and coming out of the nest boxes. Looks pretty treacherous–I imagine a lot of heads get pooped on in this system, but at least they can move.

Photo: Denver Post: CYRUS MCCRIMMON

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