the chicken tractor that stopped us cold
June 10, 2010, 8:17 pm
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I’m thinking back to our great summer vacation two summers ago–when we rented a crappy shack on lake huron near sauble beach. There were lots of good times on that vaca, but one that stands out is the chicken tractor. Yes we have a strange idea of fun. But anyhow.

On the last day of vaca we decided that each person would get to choose one thing to do. My choice was easy. A day or so prior we’d driven past the most amazing chicken tractor I’d ever seen. So my choice was that we’d drive on back there and get some pictures. We drove and drove, and then –there it was. I was nervous–was it as cool as I remembered? Relief NO CONTEST–cool! Coolest chicken tractor EVER!!!

We pulled over to check it out. We’re on the side of the road in awe, we got out the car to take a closer look. And then I look back down the road. A gigantic combine was approaching. It was so huge it took the whole road and the shoulder–where the honda was sitting. Like some kind of freak show circus thing–we ran like lunatics jumped back in the car and got out the way. It was pretty funny. Got no pictures of that, but we did drive into the farm and we did get LOTS of pictures of the cool thing. Ok enough build up, here are the pics and you can decide!!

hey what is that thing?

love the blue skies up near owen sound

there's a lot of chickens in there

check out the double decker nest box system!

chickens like shade

The chickens would follow the shade, spreading out when the clouds moved in, out into the grass, and then coming back in under the tractor when the sun re-appeared. It was cool!

The family who owned the farm were nice folks. They were doing the whole subsistence farming thing, by the looks of it. And kind of new on the job I think, a younger couple with kids. They had a ton of beets-and we bought some. They said they drove it all into TO, which seems crazy to imagine. Kind of a long haul. Beautiful skies and farmland up there. Definitely one of my favorite places in Canada. You should go!

Oh yeah, and to answer the question that you have–the other things we did–spent time at the beach watching the sunset, go-carting, and can’t recall, but probably going to Tim Horton’s!