About Turdacres and this blog

i could never remember anything, and surely can’t tell a story. so i thought that this would be a way to document the changing seasons at turd acres. i started the blog after i realized i was sending lots of email reports on chickens with photos and loading up friend/ and family email accounts.

what’s it about? vegetarian life on the zone 5 5+ acre farmette with 5 chickens 2 goats and a big garden. a place to stockpile our favorite recipes and a place to share other interesting stories i come across. food policy, the impacts of climate change on food, utilities, sustainable living projects, also wind up on the blog from time to time.

where’d we get the name? we saw the place for the first time in the winter, and walking in the field, we were surprised at the number and variety of turds. the little girl came up with the name–and it stuck. like a turd on the shoe. we can’t seem to change it! we use thirdacres as our official name for our honey label.

and the name fits the mantra of the place. we got all the animals to help amend the soil. we got the goats to help us with garden compost! we have straw bedding for goats, and wood shavings for the chickens. All that plus our kitchen scraps and endless oak leaves are helping to improve our very heavy clay soil.

the barn that started it all


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Hi everyone!
I’ll bet this is your first viewer from Myanmar! Keep up the good work. I miss the snow : (

Comment by Joe

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