November 25, 2013, 12:08 pm
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Poor Spanky chicken. I did you wrong.

Spanky March 9, 2009-November 20, 2013

Spanky March 9, 2009-November 20, 2013

Some sad times here at the Acres. We were away for awhile. We knew it would be a big deal to leave the place for so long, and that it’d be trouble when we got back. But we went. And just three days before we got back, disaster struck. We don’t know the whole story I think, but apparently something was casing the coop, and eventually it got into the run. And Spanky, dear sweet Spanky, was the one it took.

pretty bird with a sweet voice

pretty bird with a sweet voice

Spanky was high up on the pecking order. Usually I thought she was the top bird, but at some point I think Bubbles took over. Spanky had the sweetest prettiest voice of all the birds. She was absolutely no trouble at all. Our best layer, and the biggest bird. She was the fastest runner. She wasn’t a lap chicken, and the hardest to pick up but she was always first over to get a treat. Poor sweet Spanky. I feel so bad that I didn’t protect her from a horrible fate. We were smug about our chicken fort knox. But we let things slide, and there was a way–whatever it was found a way.. to get into the run.

Now we have just two chickens left, Bubbles and Knuckles. Traumatized I’m sure by all that happened. I’m not sure how they managed to be spared. We’ve reinforced every inch of the run, and got the trap set out. We’ll keep a closer eye on them, and hopefully we only need to learn that lesson once.

So horrible. You were a good chicken, Spanky, and I’m sorry you went in such a terrible way.


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