Liz the lap chicken
July 16, 2013, 9:37 pm
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Elizabeth, March 9, 2009-July 11, 2013

Liz, March 9, 2009-July 11, 2013

After a lengthy illness, I took Liz to the vet for the last time last Thursday. She’d been sick for a while and we took her to the vet in early May. She didn’t get better but gradually declined, and finally she seemed to be unable to enjoy her life around the farm.

We were happy that she got to enjoy the summer, and she did, running around and dustbathing as she loved to do. She had some kind of thing that impeded her ability to swallow. She didn’t throw up, but struggled to get the food down. It started slowly, a burp really, and over time it got louder and her swallowing action more violent. She would stand up really tall and drop her wings down to manage it. She didn’t lose her appetite, or her sweet personality. But she lost a lot of weight, and towards the last days she wasn’t too interested in tooling around, but was content to lie by the kitchen door. Her last day she came and stood next to me in the garden. I could tell it was time.

She didn’t feel any pain, and she went to sleep while I petted her.

Silly chicken, she is greatly missed.

Cute as a button

Cute as a button

She was the poster child for cute chicken. I love this picture of Liz, aka Queen Elizabeth the third. She was the first chicken to touch the earth.

Liz outside for the first time.

Liz outside for the first time.

She got pushed out of the box and ended up being the first chicken to go outside. Maybe that experience scarred her, as she was always so sensitive. She refused to go outside when it was snowy, she hated cold feet! She also had the largest ugliest feet of any of the chickens!

She was our special needs chicken in many ways..

yeah i'm special, you know it!

yeah i’m special, you know it!

She never laid an egg. For a year or so every once in awhile she seemed to be ready to lay one, she would sit in the nest box, mill about looking like she was ready, but then. Nope, no egg. Eventually she stopped having any urge at all. We thought we might lose her for that. But no she lived on.

She was the lowest chicken on the totem pole. The other chickens picked on her constantly. Maybe because she was so pretty!

i know my place!

i know my place!

I’m sure that was hard on her, but she found other ways to amuse herself. Like….
long dustbaths. She wouldn’t always come when called if she was bathing. She liked getting a free ride back to the coop.
chasing the goats. the goats were both very afraid of Liz, who’d track them down, and peck them.

i'm gonna git you sydney!

i’m gonna git you sydney!

jumping to the top of the coop door.

watch out for the open door

watch out for the open door

When you opened the door, she’d come over and if you weren’t careful she’d jump up on the top of the door. Really hard to get her down from up there!

And she loved naps with people. She was our lap chicken. If you sat down for a minute, she’d come over and peck your leg asking to be picked up. Then she’d give a few cursory pecks to your lap and settle down for a good long nap. She just really liked the people. And they really liked her.

pretty Liz

pretty Liz

A very nice Buddhist woman I met this summer told me that they believe that if you treat animals really really well, they can come back reincarnated as people! So if you see that the new prince or princess to be is pretty, opinionated and hates the cold–well I’m hoping that little Queen Liz made it through to her rightful place in the world!


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Sorry to hear that. We lost one of ours last week too; she was egg bound. It’s a horrible thing to lose them but at the same time we know it’s going to happen eventually. And, I suppose, if that thought carries to its natural conclusion, one day it will be the other way round and they’ll lose us…

Comment by Wingclipped

Thanks for the comment Wingclipped. Sorry for the loss of yours. We’re up to 3 out of 5 having some kind of problem. But I guess they’ve had a long life compared to most.

Comment by rsalis

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