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February 22, 2013, 1:11 pm
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I’ve been interested in the plight of fish for awhile now, and I recently came across these amazing statistics from an article in the New York Times.

In a recent study, fish that was not really tuna was being passed off as tuna in 94 percent of the samples taken. And also disappointing, but something, (ever suspicious consumer that I am) I’d always suspected, almost two-thirds of the “wild” salmon samples were found actually to be farmed Atlantic salmon, which is considered less healthy and environmentally sustainable.

With this plus that terrible horsemeat story, it’s seems that many more will start to seriously mistrust the corporate food machine. Well, while we’re on the topic of the horsemeat, as a vegetarian, I guess I’m not completely outraged. One animal vs. another–it’s all the same, really. But it’s all pretty scary the mislabeling-at this point, just how far are we really from the Chinese melamine stuff? Yeesh, I hope there is still some shred of hope for us here!


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Very topical from this side of the ocean, given the horsemeat scandal that has erupted in Europe!

Comment by Wingclipped

Sho nuff Wingclipped! I imagine that a lot of people are regretting/changing their buying habits as a result. Has it personally impacted you?

Comment by rsalis

Yes and no. One the one hand, I have no problem whatsoever with eating horsemeat. However, medicines given to horses which are banned from the human food chain, because they are cancer causing, have been found too, and that I have a problem with, obviously. This is all in addition to the principle that when you buy something labelled “beef” it should really be beef! We’ve seen the impact on supermarkets generally as lots of meat products sat on the shelves unsold, but that didn’t last long! Hopefully it will cause some people here to move away from the supermarkets and back to the smaller merchant where the animals have been reared properly and happily…

Comment by Wingclipped

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