goats with coats!
January 29, 2013, 1:52 pm
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Ok so it’s been pretty cold by our standards around here. It got down to 3 degrees, and has been hovering around 10 for a week now. No fun for the animals! And if you’re a skinny goat, well it’s just too much. Our poor little Dongo–Roppongi–has been seen shivering and shivering. Poor thing, she needed a coat. We ran out to the store and voila–a stylish goat coat was purchased.

Blue is not really her colour!

Blue is not really her colour!

Sydney–always eating and with her nice thick coat, was, of course, not chilled at all.

yo Ro, what's that you're wearing??!

yo Ro, what’s that you’re wearing??!

Oh, ok. If I can still do my "supergoat" pose, this coat'll work!

Oh, ok. If I can still do my “supergoat” pose, this coat’ll work!

Silly thing. I did feel so bad for them in this cold snap. Plus to add insult to injury, they got a new load of hay in, and it’s not the nice green 2nd cut they had been snarfing, and wasting like crazy, no, this round is a pretty crappy first cut. You know it’s bad when the hay man says–don’t worry if they don’t eat for a few days–they’ll eat it eventually!

Well yes actually hay man, I do worry! And little Dongo doesn’t have a lot of excess fat on her. So along with the coat we picked up some goat balancer supplement, alfafa cubes. And they’ve been getting a winter daily ration of: one carrot, handful black sunflower seeds, and handful balancer pellets. It seems to be working. They look better and Roppongi stopped shivering. She can handle about 15-20 degrees, but when it got below 10–well poor thing!

Today it’s abnormally warm out–about 60! Goats are out enjoying a walk about. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it’s going back into the 20s later this week. ACK yep I’m officially ready for the END of winter!!


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Looking good, Roppongi! Being cold is no good – rock that coat!

Comment by Lee Petrie

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