pumpkins! 2012 bumper crop
September 13, 2012, 12:31 pm
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Greetings long lost friends. I can’t believe a whole month has passed without a post. Bad bad bad. Guess I’ve been busy, and this summer frankly, it’s just been too hot! Haven’t felt like doing too much of anything.

So while I drum up some more interesting news for you, here’s a garden update for you.

Here’s a shot of the potager taken August 10 from the garage roof. It’s a good year for coneflower–I decided to let them be. And check out the sweet autumn clematis on the chicken run roof. That is blooming beautifully right now, I’ll have to go and get a picture of it.

potager from garage roof aug 2012

front yard pumpkin patch!

And here’s a shot of the front yard pumpkin patch, taken from the roof of the garage. It went a bit crazy. There are 4 pumpkin plants in there (of 3 varieties: winter luxury pie, musquee de provence, melonette jaspee vendee) and one tiny zucchini plant (which gave us exactly 2 zucchinis!). I thought there was enough room for these guys, but alas, it got kind of crazy! I had 5 tomato plants in a row along the side nearest the house–but the squash eventually climbed up and suffocated them. I didn’t have the heart to cut down the pumpkins, so now we’re looking at a possibly HUGE haul of pumpkins. There are at least 3 musquee in there–and they’re at least 20 pds a piece! The other two are smaller pumpkins–and there a whole bunch of those. None of them appear to be ripe just yet, but the melonette one doesn’t have a photo out on the web, so I’m not exactly sure about that.

Please send pumpkin recipes STAT! Going to be interesting!