why you need a game cam
July 19, 2012, 12:52 pm
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Sheesh, another year another chance for the wildlife to show us who’s boss. They’ve been out in full force, eating my tomatoes, and shearing my yarrow. I’ve been asking the doode to reinforce the fence with some buried chicken wire. Doode set out his trap and waited. A few coons were caught, but still the damage continued.┬áBut no, instead we plug up the holes the unknowns dig under the fence line with logs and bricks and sticks. The next day–logs are moved and tomatoes are shorter!!! ARGH!! Rather than do the hard labor, doode went for another tactic. Reconnaisance. Yep he bought a game cam. Hooked it up and pointed it at the trap and the hole in the fence. The next day we reviewed the pics:

1:24 am, nice smooth coat on this coon!

1:27 coon behind the trap

1:28 coon approaching trap

1:32 back on the other side of the fence?? coon #2??

1:52 –and a SKUNK?!

3:25 coon with ratty tail?

AYE?! Can’t believe what a superhighway this part of the yard is. Sheesh, it’s amazing we have anything left growing out there!

Next day doode turned the camera so we could see along the garden. This time we got both coons in the shot:

Somehow they seem like they’re mocking us. Check out this one:

one guy close up another one on the right

a nice mug shot!!

Sheesh. Just a reminder of how much goes on when the sun goes down!