bumblefoot, chicken dilemma
June 22, 2012, 9:21 am
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I’ve noticed the telltale black spots on the bottom of Bubbles feet. She has them on both feet, and they’re a bit smaller than the end of a pencil. Poor chum. We took her to the vet. It’s a staph infection and you need to deeply excise the kernel of the infection or it won’t heal. I wanted to get a second opinion. Here’s the opinion:

Bubbles rocking the vetwrap!

She has it in both feet, but one is worse than the other. The vet excised and wrapped it and left us with a bunch of lotions potions and antibiotics. Poor Bubbles. She’s a trooper though, and while most chickens would need to be isolated so they wouldn’t be attacked by other chickens, I have a feeling that for Bubbles, the wrap was an extra sign of her chicken dominance and all the other chickens now want one.

We did our first treatment this morning. Sheesh it’s kind of hard! It doesn’t look very good, I’m hoping we can bring the swelling down. It’s red and puffy and doesn’t look good.

in for assessment

first, a disinfecting soak

After the soak, we put a little potion on it, then re-wrap with gauze and vetwrap. I bought the human kind this time.

new wrap. pretty hard to do. guess it’ll get easier with time.


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