marketing the garden lifestyle

Whew, I think i’ve seen it all. Williams Sonoma is now carrying chicken coops!!! Whaaa??!

And beehives. Wow. Some kind of sea change is happening out there that people think there’s enough interest and moola behind this “agrarian” urge. Their new line is called agrarian and it’s available at some stores. It is no cheap friends. The funniest thing is a roll of hardware cloth 25′ long for 59.95!! It’s called predator control kit for your coop. Guess it is hard these days to find an old fashioned place that sells this stuff, but really if you look hard enough you can find it at home depot. For WAY cheaper.

They are also selling plants. A tiny rosemary for 12.95. Cute burlap package though. And some apple trees. This makes me sad–they’re selling golden and red delicious??! Guess their market wizards said that they should stick to recognizable things. Interesting times–can’t believe the big retailers are trying to cash in on this. Kind of cool, but I don’t see how it’s going to work!


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Ha! Can’t wait for Hammacher Schlemmer to come out with The Ultimate Coop, a steal at $20,000.

Comment by lscheuer

It’s fashionable to grow your own food. This is for people who really can afford anything, like a poultry palace. Really! It’s a hobby that will yield a few eggs, but when the hens stop laying during the winter and yet you still need to go out and feed and water it will be a different story.

Then that dozen eggs becomes very expensive.

Comment by ndjmom

LOL! Best laugh I have had all day! I must say that the coops are cute.

Comment by attemptinggreen

yep, the coops are definitely styling! and really you could actually spend more on some of those fancy coops out there. but
i hear you ndjmom–the little backyard flock will never break even! and when you add in the worry about their cold little chicken feet and frozen water, (and get them a heater) and their boring pellet diet (and make them little oatmeal treats), etc, etc, well then it just starts to tap into the mental time and energy too!!! I do love the little things. Sweet chickens!

Comment by rsalis

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