how do you know when to turn on the heat lamp?
February 9, 2012, 8:08 pm
Filed under: chickens, goats, knuckles, liz

Them chickens is cold tonight! Look at them all in a pile. Actually they like to start out this way every night. It’s a big showdown to see who gets the best spot on the roof over their nest box. Silly chickens. I thought it was pretty funny how they were arranged tonight–head to toe!

pile of chickens

"that's right, i'm on top of the pile tonight," knuckles

I always look in on them when I go out to close their pop door. Sometimes I give them a pet. Knuckles, normally so friendly and sweet, likes to give me a peck or two–telling me hey lady don’t make me lose my spot here! That’s what she was saying in picture #2 I think.

The girls had a brief outing before dark today. There was a bit of snow on the ground, so they did the expedition walk–following one another in a line. So cute!

making the trek to the barn

liz stayed home as she doesn't like to get her feet wet!

While the chickens were enjoying a barn patrol, the goaties and the doode and me took a walk.

check out the dongo's beard!!!


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