super chicken no more
February 28, 2012, 10:59 am
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Very sad news on the farm today. Edwina, super chicken, is no more.

Edwina, March 9, 2009-February 28, 2012

She’d been losing weight for a while and was unable to keep her food down. She’d have good days and not so good ones. At last I brought her inside for some TLC. She spent her last day in the box in the house snoozing and being hand fed. The other chickens are mean to a lowly bird–and I couldn’t stand seeing her being attacked and pushed around. She was so weak she couldn’t jump out of the run, and spent her last night in the coop sleeping in the nest box. Poor thing.
We took her to the vet this morning. The vet surmised that she had some kind of a tumor, or bound egg perhaps, that led to her crop infection and poor health. We opted out of having X-rays and more bloodwork done as it was more stress for the bird. We had her put to sleep and buried her in the yard. Rest in peace little buddy.

She was my special bird. My garden buddy. So keen for worms she’d get on top of the shovel. She was independent and always off in search of good eats. She was a lean machine, not a lap chicken, but friendly nevertheless. She was somewhere in the middle of the flock. Her voice was unique–like a trumpet! Edwina you will be missed!

baby edwina second from the right.

Edwina at 3 months

hot edwina, august 2009

Edwina checking the treat bowl

edwina getting her clean on

edwina many happy afternoons foraging

edwina in the coop

edwina super chicken

edwina in the hospice box


sure to be a double yolker!
February 17, 2012, 11:29 am
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I heard a lot of yelling coming from the coop this morning. Someone was making a big announcement of some kind or another. Who knows what they’re saying but I know it’s time to go and see what’s going on.
Bubbles in the box. She has that dazed look she often has and is just standing there. I figured the egg from the last guy was under her and that she was getting ready to have a sit. So I reached under her to get it. And voila!

a huge green egg!

She had laid the most enormous egg ever!! No wonder she looked shocked. I put it out to compare with the barred rock eggs. I thought the double yolker was a young chicken thing, but apparently the older girls can still surprise themselves! This is Bubbles second egg since she started again after the winter. She laid her first–smallish egg when we were away. Maybe around Valentine’s Day.

how do you know when to turn on the heat lamp?
February 9, 2012, 8:08 pm
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Them chickens is cold tonight! Look at them all in a pile. Actually they like to start out this way every night. It’s a big showdown to see who gets the best spot on the roof over their nest box. Silly chickens. I thought it was pretty funny how they were arranged tonight–head to toe!

pile of chickens

"that's right, i'm on top of the pile tonight," knuckles

I always look in on them when I go out to close their pop door. Sometimes I give them a pet. Knuckles, normally so friendly and sweet, likes to give me a peck or two–telling me hey lady don’t make me lose my spot here! That’s what she was saying in picture #2 I think.

The girls had a brief outing before dark today. There was a bit of snow on the ground, so they did the expedition walk–following one another in a line. So cute!

making the trek to the barn

liz stayed home as she doesn't like to get her feet wet!

While the chickens were enjoying a barn patrol, the goaties and the doode and me took a walk.

check out the dongo's beard!!!