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December 15, 2011, 6:25 pm
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Sheesh, I give corporate land a thumbs up one day and the next it’s back in the toilet. Here’s the latest from the media. Sharing joy and tolerance everywhere. I get an ex-pat email from the Telegraph–english newspaper. It’s got interesting stories about life abroad from a UK perspective. So I get a slideshow–Christmas Dinner around the World. Ok might be interesting I’ll take a look.. First one is Iceland. Cool, interesting dishes. Click on, see some things I’ve heard of and others that are new to me. Lots of shots of laden dinner tables, cozy candlelight, the whole deal. Then you click through–a possum head fills the screen–with the caption…

“There is not much difference between an American and British Christmas table, other than the fact many families across the pond prefer to eat a meat other than turkey (it’s not that long after Thanksgiving, after all). In poorer, rural areas, dinner might well be whatever people can lay their hands on. Roasted possum, anyone?”

Yikes, how embarrassing. I was pretty offended. Really offended in fact. Why would they want to do this?


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