stink bugs ate my dahlias
September 21, 2011, 4:02 pm
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and the goats ate everything else!!! Sigh. Haven’t blogged too much about the garden this year as it’s just too depressing. (although I have a ton of tomatoes sitting on the counter waiting to be processed, so not everything sucked).
But I digress. Stinkbugs. UGH. Last year they seemed interested in the pumpkins, but they didn’t do too much damage. Ha. This year, my poor dahlias have been victimized. The stupid things somehow eat out the core of the stem, and then the stalks fall over. Eventually it kills the plant, which bravely starts sending out shoots from the base. So sad.

dried up dead dahlia stalks.

I tried spraying them with soapy water. Took forever and some of them didn’t die. They just mocked me and hid under the leaves. There are green ones as well as grey ones. And I found out that the nymphs are the ones that are spotted. But they’re all the same evil beast.

Eventually I resorted to squishing them. Gross. And they’re harder to catch than japanese beetles. Anyhow I couldn’t get them all and gave up. I still have some dahlias, but certainly the worst display of any year so far. Me so sad.

not my usual color choice!

And then today, our stink bug situation got a whole lot worse. It’s now officially invasion of the stink bugs. They’ve apparently decided that today is move in day. The window screens are covered. It’s freaking me out!!!

stink bugs leaving summer and looking for winter shelter. UGH!

Ok I alluded to goats in this post, but I’ll leave you hanging in suspense for today!


death on the farm-bee edition
September 9, 2011, 7:03 pm
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Ooof. Our first death on the farm. Went out to check on the hives and noticed that Stelle wasn’t at all active compared to Louis. I opened it up and a wasp flew out. And only a few bees hovering around. Now really concerned I got the dude out and we took it apart. Imagine our sad faces as we realized that the ENTIRE hive was completely empty. The shelves were bare. All of the cells cleaned out! Unbelievable. So sad. Sure hope the split survived.
The hive swarmed (split) on May 29. On July 9, we saw larvae in there and I took a frame of honey out. And now they’re all gone. Sad news.