tomato patch 2011
And so it begins…the counter is lined up with tomatoes. This year’s line up includes:
Ilini Star (I have no idea why I planted this one–sounded good in the catalog but it’s really just a market tomato–and why would we grow that??!) A nice round smallish tomato. It makes a lot, and they’re early. Taste is just ok.
Paul Robeson. Year two for this one. Last year it didn’t do so well! This year is much better. It’s making a lot of really big fruit. Taste is good. But I’ll wait til later in the season to judge for real.
Japanese Black Trifele. Our favorite. Neat pear shaped smaller tomatoes dark in colour. A nice one. Taste is fantastic! Love it on a big mixed plate of tomatoes!
Love Apple. Don’t know why I picked this one and I don’t know that we’ve tried one yet. Stay tuned.
Woodle Orange. Just had one today for lunch. It’s more yellowy than orange. Pretty good size fruit. Tasty! People say Dad’s Sunset is better, I’ll try that next year.
Marzano. Our sauce tomato. This year–unbelievable size on these!! (And all of our tomatoes are super huge). Needed a few more plants I think, as they’re ripening at different speeds–so it’s hard to make a whole sauce!
Cherokee Purple. They’re big too. Jury is out on the big taste test. I’ll wait til best pal comes down for our final taste test tomato extravaganza.
Black Krim. Another dark type. We grew a few years ago. A nice black, but no japanese black trifele. We’ll give it another shot to compete this year.
The tomatoes this year are really large! Tons of fruit! Late to ripen, but not much disease so far. Lots of chippy damage. It’s a shame to throw big two pounders over the fence.
Next year we will need to get some green moldovan. We really liked that one! And I’d like another yellow. I think the love apple is pink. Maybe it’ll be a keeper?

barn hidden by tomato plants in front yard

ilini star got some disease but she make a lot of tomatoes!


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