happy end of holiday weekend PI!!
July 5, 2011, 7:54 am
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Well we had a really nice 4th of July weekend. Weather was great, and we just hung out and relaxed! Did some gardening, some goat-herding, and chicken tending. And had some good food too.

I’m extra happy as I’m one day out from finishing a round of steroids. SIGH. Yep that crazy poison ivy took me out again. I had a crazy bout on my leg (about the size of a deck of cards). I treated it holistically, and had almost waited it out. Got it probably over 2 weeks ago. It was insane. They say oozing, but this was not that–no, it was running, straining, leaking, bubbling, crazy!! Sorry, gross. Hope you’re not having your morning coffee now.

Anyhow I got through that part and was on the mend. But then I got the rash. Some crazy all over body rash. And, it was on my face. I was pretty bummed. So I went in to see the doc. Sad tale I know. Luckily I got in on Friday afternoon just before the official start of the big holiday.

She gave me a short course of prednisone. I explained that the other time I’d taken it, it had not gone well. It’s horrible really. I had a 14 day course and felt insane at the end of it!! I was glum that I couldn’t solve it myself, but alas, my body was on some haywire allergic reaction.

So here I am at the end of my treatment. It did seem to help. I’m not fixed yet, but ready to stop the drugs! We took a big hike yesterday at Hartwood, and wound up going through a TON of poison ivy. I was pretty nervous!! We all washed like crazy when we got back, and it seems we escaped unharmed. I also made the dude do a PI eradication run through our place in hopes of ending the insanity!!!

If you’ve never had the PI, you really don’t want to get it!!


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