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June 8, 2011, 10:47 pm
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little dude couldn't hurt a chicken?

Things are starting to get serious around here. $#%^&#@!@ mice have been destroying the strawberry crop. @%^@%^%$&&&* groundhogs (fattys) are eating my purple coneflower and yarrow and sunflowers. The other morning I went out to the kitchen garden and a turkey flew into it!! I was chasing him around the paths, and he finally flew up on top of the chicken run. Chickens were still inside the coop but they were looking out the window in astonishment! And then, there’s the coon thing.

The other evening the chickens and goaties were out for a late evening munch. I was in the field with the goats and the chickens, as is their way, started their circuit around the house, away from me. A while later the girl happened to be looking out the window and she saw a raccoon by the garage! Dude came out and we were rounding up the chickens. Somehow there were chickens behind and in front of the coon, and he darted past bubbles and liz in his haste to escape the commotion. Sheesh. Dude said the coon was stalking the chickens and that was NO good.

Tractor supply provided the trap. We brought it home and then wondered, hey what if we catch a skunk?? Anyhow this evening I looked out at dusk and saw the coon by the driveway. Dude went out and baited the trap. An hour later we looked out and this poor little guy. Doesn’t he look sad? Doesn’t he look glum. Poor guy, a nice big pee spot under him, and a big pile of poo, little dude was feeling sorry for himself. So…we took him for a car ride! He didn’t say much on the trip. But he happily left the trap and headed into the woods several miles away from our house! Good luck little dude!!


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