May 29, 2011, 3:09 pm
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Big day at the acres. Dude went out to the back garden this morning, and then he called me over with some excitement. As I approached the fence, the noise was amazing. Bees make a lot of noise when they’re on the move. And they were on the move alright. There was a huge mass of bees swirling around the front of the hive. Bees were streaming out the sides, and coming out the front. Apparently the lazy beekeepers waited a bit too long to do the hive management this spring, and the bees decided to move out. Good luck girls!

like orange snowflakes

they filled the sky

good luck girls!!

45 feet up in a beech tree

amazing sight!

I felt bad that we didn’t provide adequate housing for them, but I was really really excited to see them go. It was an amazing sight, and it really only took about 10 or 15 minutes so we were lucky to see it. When we got back to the house a few hours later they were gone. I was happy that we’d managed to overwinter them and they were happy and healthy enough to think they should split. Very cool experience! It was really a ton of bees!


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Cool! You made a good contribution to the bee population. Will you get more? Or are there some left?

Comment by Lee

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