remodeling the coop
May 23, 2011, 10:26 am
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Lots going on around the acres–we’re in the busy spring planting season. One of the non garden things on the list was to redo the coop. It just wasn’t quite right. The roost was a bit too high for the girls, and I had to give them a “step” to help them get up there. They’d still jump down in the morning-they’d stand there calculating how to do it, and where to aim and then-whooomp–it looked hard on them. And then there was the crazy nest box. Also too high. And too big for one, and too small for two. Lots of fighting.

Anyhow, a big reno was required. I washed their windows–vacuumed out the cobwebs, the whole bit. Then I lowered the roost and made a nest box on the ground. The girls were not happy with all the noise, and they didn’t really want to go and check it out.

Edwina gave me the whatfor–in her loudest disdainful voice–WHAT? you moved WHAT?! I do NOT approve. GIRLS! come and check this OUT! The water has been MOVED!

When the other girls came in they immediately easily popped up on the roost. They seemed to like that part.

hey what did you do to my house?

ooh, this is cozy! now can i have some privacy please?


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