asparagus eggs benedict take two

Woo-ee we have been enjoying the asparagus crop. We’ve had maybe 6 meals? I made a Jamie Oliver inspired tart for easter. And then…eggs benedict! The first time I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve never made hollandaise sauce before, and I was trying to make one third of the recipe. Recipe for disaster that was!! I curdled the egg yolk and we had more of a hollandaise paste. It was still pretty yum though.

Tonight, alone, I made it again. Take two was mucho better.
Hollandaise sauce version 2.
one egg yolk. I used a knuckles egg (one of the smaller ones we get)
juice from one lemon (maybe this was a tad too much for the egg)

Whisk together in a double boiler. I didn’t have the pan too hot this time.
Meanwhile melt two tbsp butter. Then whisking constantly mete the butter into the eggs a teensy bit at a time.
Season with a bit of salt.

I started the asparagus first in simmering water in a large fry pan. Start the english muffins just before you add the eggs. Then add two eggs into the mix after I had the hollandaise under way.

Remove asparagus and cut into bite sized pieces and lay on top of english muffins when they’re done. Scoop eggs on top and add hollandaise and some salt and pepper. Enjoy while the cat looks on enviously! BTW, she did approve of the taste I gave her. She likes herself a good bit of egg.

The Jamie tart was ok. Well better than ok, especially for breakfast the next day!!!
Recipe is here. I used puff pastry instead of phyllo which would have been better probably. I thought it was pretty tasty, but maybe overkill for some great homegrown asparagus!!


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