asparagus time!!!!!!!!
April 20, 2011, 6:50 pm
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What a banner day. After getting treed in, we decided to have asparagus for lunch. It’s been a long haul waiting for these bad boys to mature. I planted 25 crowns in spring 2009. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. And to add insult to injury I read in an extension document that you don’t REALLY have to wait three years. They said go ahead and start eating after two. Bummer. Anyhow we did the full wait. And today we picked them!

with great ceremony the first cut

delicate operation (note nice new gloves!)

ceremonial red asparagus collecting basket

waiting for the boil--lunch!

I simmered them in a bit of water in a fry pan. Then served em up with a drizzle of olive oil a shred of parmesan and some salt and pepper.
Verdict?: Holy cow!! Totally worth it! Amazing. (Perfectly cooked I might add). Delicious!

asparagus row in the potager

As you can see from this bed shot, Mom and Dad there just may be a spear or two for you when you get here!

We should get another dinner or two from the patch but I think we’ll need to grow some more. 25 plants–is it enough for us? Maybe not.


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Oooooo nice crop! We planted ours about 3 weks ago. And are waiting. And waiting. And waiting….

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