Poll: vegetarians at the business lunch
April 6, 2011, 6:37 pm
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We’re starting a poll here at Turdacres. Have you ever noticed this:

no more veggie all the rest are meat

We go to a lot of business meetings when we’re not home at the Acres, and it is so interesting to see how people choose to set up a lunch. So many times we see platters upon platters of meat options and only the slightest nod to the veggie-preferring folks. Have times changed? Are people choosing the veggie options when presented because they’re trying to be healthy? Are they trying to not eat meat at every meal? Or what?

I would love it if we could recast the conversation for those old fogies who make the lunch orders. Instead of thinking that only vegetarians like to not eat the meat sandwich. A meatarian can eat veggies from time to time! And shocker–they may actually WANT to. Who wants to eat some gross cold cut as their meat option for the day, methinks, if you were going to eat the stuff, wouldn’t you want to eat it when you know it’s worth it, and GOOD??

Instead of framing the conversation as “let’s provide something for the vegetarians weirdos to eat” could we help our meeting organizers think–let’s provide some healthy options, as we’re all trying to cut down on our meat consumption.

If we really stretched ourselves we might even take this to an “it’s greener” level. All of this meat wasted is much worse for the environment than a bunch of veggie sandwiches. Sigh. I’m just tired of feeling like a complete whiner for requesting a non-meat lunch–when it’s CLEAR that a LOT of people prefer it!!

What do you think about this issue. Please take this poll. I’d also love to hear your comments! Thanks!

I’ve been looking around the web for any kinds of references to these issues. I’d love it if you could share some with me. I did find this one..how to host a sustainable meeting in Brussels. You go, Brussels! This is so needed. Common sense recommendations like have carafes of water instead of bottles, reduce amount of meat–as it has a large carbon footprint. Source local food, and try and avoid waste. There’s no great solution for paper and plastic dishes and utensils. That’s a big one we see a lot in our meeting settings.


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