gas wells coming soon to a park near you!

uh oh. the news we’ve been wondering about…where could drilling happen near us?

The local free paper reports that there are two municipal locations near us that are zoned for drilling. One of them in our local park!!! This is sad news. Hopefully it will never to this, but not good to know that it could. Sigh. One thing the article did say was that the current zoning requires a 20 acre site for drilling. This would limit options near us I think. But the doode points out that zoning regulations can change at any time. And we don’t know if this applies for any site. And of course, people could gather multiple plots together to create a large enough site. I’m not sure what our actual township regulations are, I hope they’re as good as these.

In other Marcellus news around here. Another well fire! And the local paper made a web portal for marcellus news. The portal is pretty nice. Lots of articles, and interactive stuff. But, I wonder where their bias lies. One interesting article posted on it was locally written about how “green” the drillers are. They’re into recycling their water!!! Unfortunately, the same day, the New York Times came out with its article about how there’s radioactivity in them thar waters, and that the water “recycling” process is really not working. (They’re putting a lot of the water through sewer treatment–and these systems are not equipped to handle the toxins, and in particular the radioactive toxins.) So now we can look forward to diminishing public water quality and three eyed fish in the rivers. Not good!

One final recent note about marcellus. We see that Range Resources posted lower earnings this quarter. They continue to up their advertising in the area. And it’s getting a bit much!! The latest ad involved a woman talking about the power of horses for disadvantaged children. By allowing drilling on her farm she has more money to run her programs for disadvantaged children!!! Are you serious??!!! Unfortunately yes. Stinky!!! That’s pretty stinky, range resources.