big rain poor drainage
February 28, 2011, 9:13 am
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Whew, this is some crazy weather. A snow day last monday and a record dump. And today, it’s rain. Sheesh. It was a scary night. Around Turdacres, the one thing we fear the most is the rain. You can’t really live in house that has three sump pumps in the basement, and NOT fear the rain, right?
So, this morning we awoke to a) leaky roof (argh same place we fixed last year) and b) water alarm! One of the sumps–the new one, of course,–overloaded the GFI and kicked itself off. We got it fired up again, but we’re on alert. I went outside to document the flooding. Amazing!

Our little creek–which was kind of dried up a lot of the summer last year–became some kind of white water thing! It even washed over the road. Sheesh.

We had a good flood on the typical places we see water–

the driveway near the rhodies

the middle of the field

not usually so much here

But the huge flood created some new areas of concern..

the driveway creek?

And this one is really unknown. Kind of frightening to see all this water so close to the house.

the pool next to the pool

It says we may get more rain today and we have a tornado watch until 1 pm! This is strange weather. Back to cold temps tonight. 20 days til spring people!!!


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