when is yellow brown? hoping it’s not nosema
February 14, 2011, 8:21 am
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The bees were out yesterday, and man did they have to go! I checked the hives this morning and here’s how they looked.

bee poop everywhere

It’s supposed to be yellow poop. And when it’s brown it indicates that they have nosema–a fungal infection. Yuck. I looked around online for pictures, but couldn’t find a lot of images that would help me confirm. So, bee friends, what do you think? Yellow or brown? Should I be worried or not?

a closer view

some spots on "Louis"

uh oh bees are at the top in "Stelle"

I put some granulated sugar on a paper in Stelle. The bees were walking around the top so I think they’ll find it ok. When I opened Louis, I was surprised that I really couldn’t see any bees!! There were one or two walking around up top, but I couldn’t see the ball o bees. Oh no, I thought, I’ve lost a hive. But listening in, I could hear them. They’re still somewhere down in the second  stack. So Louis is doing extremely well. I hope!

Sure am getting excited to see how they fare into the spring. We’re going to take Beekeeping 102 (the second season) in March. Looking forward to that, as I’m not really sure what we do if we get them through the winter.


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The bottom picture looks like a bee is making a crop circle – or did you leave a coffee cup there too long??? I have no idea about your yellow/brown problem. As much as I would love to keep bees my motherin-law is allergic to them so I am banned from keeping them. I hope, however, your hives are all ok…

Comment by wingclipped

Thanks for the comment wingclipped! I think it’s a ring from the feeder we were using. I got my local bee friends to look at the pictures. They seem to think it’s in the range of normal. And that even a tinge of nosema the bees would able to fix themselves. It’s pretty great to have people come out and look at the hives virtually!! Someone mentioned that they lost their hives later in the spring, so guess we’re not out of the woods until the nectar begins to flow.

Comment by rsalis

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