official bird of turd acres–Turdus migratorius
February 7, 2011, 11:05 am
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Ha! While you might think that the common american pet chicken is the official bird of turdacres, I think it should probably be Turdus migratorius! We do travel a lot here at the acres, don’t you know.

I’m sitting here all glum about the Steeler’s heartbreaking superbowl loss last night. Not only did they not win, but now there’s nothing to look forward to. Nothing but the long gloomy tedious endless last days of winter.

Anyhow so I’m sitting here, being glum, and all of a sudden a huge flock of Robins (aka Turdus migratorius-fer reals people!) arrives to sit in the crabapple tree eating the last little berries up there. Cute little guys! They stopped by to tell me that in fact, winter will end soon.

Either that, or they came by for the funeral of little buddy who was eaten by a hawk a few weeks ago. But I’m not going to dwell on that! Thinking positive..

PS. I wondered how big Robin flocks tended to be. I googled size of robin flock but didn’t find an answer. Did find the latin name and lots of info on wikipedia, though.


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Hi Karen — those robins were in MY crabapple trees just last week! They showed up with a massive flock of cedar waxwings, and spent a few days there – til the trees were picked clean. I’m liking your blog – thanks for taking a look at mine, and yes, you may commission me to do pix of your turd machines. 🙂

Comment by lauren scheuer

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