103 new dunkin donuts in pittsburgh
February 2, 2011, 11:57 am
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Recently the Taco Bell on our commute route abruptly shut down. I didn’t think anything new would pop into its place. It was all boarded up, and the location–next to a Burger King and Shop n Save didn’t seem that desireable. But alas, Route 8 surprises me, and construction started. Every morning as part of our fun activities to pass the drive, we wondered what the heck it would be. And then the girl said, “dunkin donuts.” How do you know for sure, sez me? Uh I dunno, because of the huge sign over there??! My eyes weren’t working I guess. It did indeed say Dunkin Donuts coming soon.

Seems odd to me, but then I came across this article. Apparently Dunkin Donuts is in the process of opening 103 new stores in the Pittsburgh area. WHAT??!!! That’s insane? I mean if it was Tim Horton’s well that I could understand. But Dunkin Donuts??

Here’s a little stat from the article. I can’t really understand what it means. Maybe you can explain it to me. “The region has about 750 chains of 25 units or more, or one chain location for every 3,150 residents, the report found.” So according to this, Pittsburgh is apparently an unsaturated market for fast food restaurants?! Huh??! Amazing. Anyhow the article talks about how Pittsburgh is #5 in the top 40 of growth areas for new fast food places. Sheesh, I thought we had enough of them, but apparently no.

Speaking of donuts, this is a recipe i’d like to try!! Donut upside down cake. Isn’t that insane?! Check the link and look at that picture!! It’s nuts!

And this story about a seattle donut store….

They found an old neon sign that said Topspot and wanted to us it for their store. When they got around to refinishing for re-installation the “s” had fallen off. So now it’s called Top Pot doughnuts. Tee hee.

I love it! Maybe we’ll go there when we go there next month! Or alas, no, we did not get there. A story for another day!

Gee it sounds like I’m craving a donut or something. Yes yes I am still craving that doughnut!


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