the bee condo tower
February 1, 2011, 11:38 am
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When we ordered our cute little 8 frame hives we didn’t really understand what they would end up looking like. They came with two medium body frames and assorted bits and pieces, that when assembled, looked like this:

sweet little garden hives

painted and installed

Then over the summer we started adding pieces as the girls moved in and spread out. Here’s what the towers look like as of Dec. 31. The day was nice and warm and people took the opportunity to fly out and about.

super towers and windblocks

It was great to see that folks were still alive. They were out buzzing about and seemed kind of dazed, just circling about. Doing cleansing flights I suppose.

I knocked on the hives the other day. Slight buzzing in there. I hope they’re doing ok. The lower hive–Louis, has some bees that crawled through a crack in between level one and two–and died there. So sad. We put some duct tape over the crack. Not necessary I’m sure, but there you go.

The hive components–bottom two are mediums that the set came with. Then we got a deep–that’s full of honey. And one empty (no frames) medium. This allows us to put baggies of food in there. Must remember to get medium foundation this spring and probably some extra frames. I sure hope they make it through the winter.


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