those crazy chickens
January 29, 2011, 9:18 am
Filed under: chickens

I often wonder what hijinks those crazy chickens get up to when they’re not watched. Some night you open the coop to say goodnight and MAN what the heck happened in there today girls??!!! Last night was one of those nights. They had outside access too, so i’m not sure what prompted the mayhem that I found. Sheesh. They’d pulled their feeder out and spilled all the food out. And then, up top, they’d completely emptied the nest boxes of straw (and i’d just given them a fresh batch the day before). They’d pulled down the ledge in front of the nest box. It was nuts. And there in the far corner of the nest box–two little eggs. Not crushed or ruined, just side by side. It was weird.

On a related note, this morning I got to the coop as poor edwina was in the final moments in a makeshift nest she’d made under the nest box. She laid her egg–bonk on the wood floor, and then over comes Bubbles to check to see if there was a weak egg to break. She’s a harsh chicken that Bubbles.


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