city breakfast
December 18, 2010, 1:13 pm
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The dude and i used to love to go out for breakfast. And there’s lots of good greasy spoons out there. We’d go to Jo-Jo’s, Pamela’s, in town, the Cole Cafe up in the north.

But then we got the chickens, and i just felt bad knowing that i was eating, no doubt, cheapie caged non-organic eggs. poor birds. And then, pancakes, well those are good sometimes, but not without real maple syrup. And what diner place serves that? Sigh. So alas, we’re left with no real regular options for a city breakfast out on the town.

Or are we…?

Aha….a good coffee place and a good bagel. Hey that’d work!

Our current fav is to head over to Lawrenceville to Cafe Voluto. It’s a nice place and they make a fine latte. Dude likes to get some brewed special thing or other, but I’m not really into that. No, I like the big cup of goodness where they make a design in the foam. for the bagels, well Pittsburgh is not great in this department. But the bagel factory is ok. So we do that. Presto, city breakfast. Yum!


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