the city that ran on diesel–copenhagen
October 1, 2010, 8:24 pm
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There are a LOT of museums in Copenhagen. Good stuff. One of the interesting ones was the Diesel House. It’s a company museum–once the largest employer in town–B&W engines. Diesel engines for ships and once, in this case, for power generation.

Yes that’s right, the city of Copenhagen ran for many many years, on diesel fuel. Can you imagine? Well they made a museum out of the big old engine. I mean it’s insanely huge! And even more interesting–once a week or so, they RUN it!! So when you walk into the place–it smells like an engine shop. There are big huge tools nearby. Cool!

On the day we went, it was the two of us, one single woman, and two asian dudes, maybe chinese or korean. They were getting a personal tour–maybe they were engineers. Engineers would love this place because in rooms next to the giant engine there was a museum exhibit about B&W engines and all of their innovations. And they had really cool working models that would be very educational if you were into that sort of thing.

Funny signs of company interests: They talked about the continued relevance of diesel. One funny panel showed a big truck moving windmill parts–always a need for diesel! And apparently there’s still a need for this kind of power generation on remote scandinavian islands. But the biggest use seems to be in the shipping industry, where they are making ever larger ships. It was really kind of an interesting topic. I didn’t expect to find it so engaging. But there you go!

Anyhow, I came across this video of the CEO giving a video tour of the place. We didn’t see this on view but you can hear the engine running so I thought it’d be neat to put up.

And you can check out the museum’s website which is also kind of neat.


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