on men with causes–The Cove, Garbage Warrior
September 15, 2010, 6:40 pm
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I recently watched a pair of movies that included an empassioned man who learns something late in life.
The first one was Garbage Warrior, a movie about an architect who has been working building sustainable dwellings out in New Mexico. He uses glass bottles and natural recyclable materials. It was an interesting tale about a guy who made his own way in the world. Eventually he attracted a sect of followers and they built a subdivision of so-called Earthships. He gets taken to task for violating about every building code in the town, and he goes through the legal political system to try and get clearance to continue building his stuff. He’s an older dude now, and it was pretty poignant when you can see him grappling with his failures. Why don’t they understand me? You’re a wack job dude. You’re a wack job. Anyhow it’s a pretty interesting story.

The other story was about a guy who lived the high life. Made lots of money in CA. Got famous. He was a dolphin trainer. And when his beloved pet died, he had a revelation. And then he spent the next half of his life until this day fighting to reverse the industry he helped to build. It’s a documentary called the Cove, and it’s about a mass dolphin slaughter that takes place each year in a hidden cove in Japan. A few dolphins are selected for the various Seaworlds and places like that, and the rest are rounded over into the hidden cove and killed. 23,000 of them! A year! The meat is toxic (mercury), and not widely preferred. It’s so weird! Why do they do it? Such a weird and sad story. On a lot of levels. The man leading the charge to expose the practice–is also kind of a wack job. He’s haunted, though. And dedicated to the cause. Very interesting man. And by the way, the documentary as a piece of filmmaking is AWESOME! You need to watch it just because it’s a great narrative, a great film. How they captured the footage of the kill is better than any spy movie. Funny, smart. The crazy dolphin dude recruited a great team.

Two interesting movies, two interesting guys.

As a PSA that relates to issues that both these dudes could probably get behind I heard about this campaign….the PB & J Campaign. Eat a plant based lunch, reduce your carbon footprint, save a Tuna!


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