fun times in the city with wild animals
September 2, 2010, 8:36 am
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Many years ago now, when I was an apartment dweller, I had a community garden. It was about a quarter mile or so from my place and it was located in a cemetery. It was a wild place–dense woods and trails within a larger woodsy park. A clearing had room for about 50 or 60 garden “plots”.

Anyhow, a friend from Atlanta reminded me of a funny story that happened back then. Dad, do you remember this?

I had taken my dad over to see the plot and we were hanging out and doing some weeding or something. I wasn’t really paying attention just talking away to him. And all of a sudden my dad starts stuttering–“ah ah ah ah lookit lookit.” What? Sez me. Anyhow I turn around and there’s a panther or cheetah or something standing there!

HUH??! Yeah, a cheetah. In the park. Steps away from us. In the city? WHAT?!! What do you do know? Is this for real? What??! What?

Anyhow it turns out that we were not mistaken. It was a wild cat in the garden. It was a pet African Serval cat named Mr. Bigglesworth that lived nearby that had managed to escape his house. See the story here.. Apparently he was on the loose for almost a month before they were able to catch him.

Now that I live in a more rural area I really haven’t had an animal experience that could top that one!


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