tomato canning time
August 29, 2010, 2:40 pm
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is officially finished. Today I decided to end it. I’m tired of canning. This morning the goal was to find the countertop again. And so a major peel-athon resulted in this:

that's all the big pots we have and they were all full up

And at the end of the big summer production, naturally we had to get all the jars to take a look. I mean you just keep on canning. Every day or two you do another batch or two. Who knew where we were at. We just kept buying jars. The big boon was a load of free jars I got from my master gardener buds! Thanks guys.

Anyhow the girl and I tallied it up and here’s what we have. 44 quarts of canned tomatoes–some sauce and some plain, and including 9 jars of ketchup! We made three kinds: Jamie Oliver’s, Blender Ketchup, and Currywurst Sauce.

Here’s what that looks like on the counter:

three kinds of ketchup!

It doesn’t even look like that much does it? Sigh. So much work. And that doesn’t count the many pounds of chopped frozen tomatoes, the frozen squash and pumpkin, and the refrigerator pickles! And I’ll probably cave in and try and save some more of those crazy tomatoes. Hard to believe that it’s all come in within one month. Yikes!

Tonight we’ll have some dad fries and have a ketchup sampling. I think i’ll have a beer with that!

Boring notes about canning because I’ll forget next time.

Cour di Bue–they peel SO easily! Love em. Japanese Black Trifele make a beautiful sauce. Marzano that are underripe don’t really like to peel. The big thing that slows us down–lack of icecubes! Four trays puts a limit on how long you can process. Need more pint jars. Favorite sauce is handful of basil couple of tablespoons of olive oil, salt and an onion. Canned some raw packed tomatoes and they just always look so ugly–they float up and leave you with watery stuff at the bottom. Better to crush them a bit and cook em down some, for a nicer jar. Our hard water leaves a white residue on the jars. Wipe them off with vinegar.

my favorite canning tool

I picked this up at an estate sale the label on it proclaims it as a do-all tool that lifts, whips, mixes, mashes, crushes and strains.

perfect for scooping tomatoes

It’s just perfect for managing the skinning operation.

The set up needs to be, from left to the stovetop. Three bowls: Bowl of fresh washed tomatoes, bowl for skins, ice cube water bowl, chopping board. And on Stove, boiling water pot for skinning, pot or two or 3 for tomatoes. And the canner.


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Good work, amiga! I’m kind of sad to not be able to sample the ketchup – 3 kinds, so impressive!

Comment by lee

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