hive inspection
August 15, 2010, 9:14 pm
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Well we popped the top of the hives while best pal was visiting. We knew we needed to have a look but put it off for a long time. Stelle–the hive at the top of the hill–seemed to have less activity than Louis. We took off the new super and at the second level we saw this.

not much going on here

a few capped brood? What else do you see?

We decided to keep going.

what else we got?

lots of bees but cells look empty?

going to the bottom tier

whoa, hang on little dudes!

lots of bees in there, but not much in the cells?

So that’s the first hive. The second one is a bit different. Check it out.

look at all the capped cells!

check out the upper right corner

a little baby is coming out of that cell! cool.


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Great pictures! Is the lack of activity at Stella anything to be worried about?

Comment by wingclipped

Thanks! I talked to a fellow bee person and she said that Louis was doing great–she was less sure about Stelle. Could be a missing queen–at the worst case. There’s still a lot of bees in there, so we’re hoping for the best. I sure wish I had some more experience reading the frames. We’re feeding daily now, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Comment by rsalis

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