big surprise–a gas lease in our mailbox
August 14, 2010, 8:47 pm
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We went away for a couple of days and came back to find no surprise–another huge pile of tomatoes, and BIG surprise, a lease sitting on our table. Wow, that’s a shocker. I have been interested in following the marcellus shale debates, but I just never figured it would come this close to our house! Yikes!!

Some guy named Philip noted on our personalized lease–between doode single man, and me, single woman (guess we need to update the real estate records?) and some gas company in Moon–please call to discuss.

And then he called and left a message. I’m afraid. What if our neighbors sign on? It seems kind of crazy that they would be trolling around in our neighborhood–our property isn’t really ideal to situate a gas well–all hilly and stuff. But what if one of our neighbors signs on? Sheesh- I’m always freaked out enough about our water safety!! The doode pointed out that now we can participate in a local study about the drilling and get our water tested for free! Ooooh. That’s a big relief. NOT!

Local officials continue to be alarmed by the surge in drilling leases. It really is a free for all! According to the paper, drilling leases have been signed for 2600 properties in the county and they’ve increased from 30 in 2003 to 273 in 2008, to 1,153 in 2009. At the moment they’re saying that Allegheny County has only 7 of around 4000 Marcellus wells in PA.


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