green moldovan tomato and tomato harvest news
August 4, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Well things are now officially booming on the tomato front. We’re struggling with assorted ugly looking tomato vines, but so far the tomatoes are coming out well. Someone is eating them off the vines which is a problem, but we have enough to share.

Here’s the largest one so far. 1.5 pounds! It’s a green moldovan.

one huge tomato!

It’s ripe when it turns a lightish green/ yellow color. The insides are green and they have a fruity limey kind of taste. Yum. It’s a winner this year. And it’s been the most productive so far I think.

Here’s how they look in a sandwich.

Ahhh finally a tomato sandwich!

I’m trying to keep track of our harvest this year. It’s really been the last few days that we’ve been picking a lot (since August 1–we only had a few before then). So far we’re up to…drum roll please…47.54 pounds!

That breaks down to:

Paul Robeson –14.38
Green Moldovan–12.25
Japanese Black Trifele–5.3
Big Beef–3.62
Cour di Bue–3
Striped Roman–2
Pink Grapefruit–1.37

It’s interesting to see how they’re coming in. They are tending to ripen faster at the top of the hill where the plants get the most sun. The Marzanos are really the most blighty and bedraggled looking. Of course I don’t include the Sungold cherry which is still booming. There’s a lot that are being eaten partially–and I can’t find any hornworms out there. There are also sad signs of a fattie (groundhog) or some other night creature in there. He toppled a tall sunflower and ate all the leaves off, devoured a dahlia and also trampled through the potato patch to get to his preferred treats. Sigh. It’s always something new.


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