hot button issue: marcellus shale drilling ban in pittsburgh
July 23, 2010, 9:35 am
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A hearing in south pittsburgh this week had 1200 people! Industry folks said that there were no problems with drilling, but audience members talked about personal experiences of water contamination and negative (death) impacts on farm animals. See article here.. Pittsburgh was one of four locations for EPA hearings (other locations were Fort Worth, Denver and Binghamton, NY). Clean Water Action reported 80 violations for illegal dumping of wastewater and another 115 for frack pit violations. Scary stuff!

FWIW, Pittsburgh has passed a moratorium on drilling for a year–similar to the one in place in New York. Sure wish the counties would jump in on this as well–I’m assuming the ban doesn’t impact the regional areas–where all the drilling is currently occurring. The EPA is going to conduct a 1.9 million dollar study on marcellus shale, which is cool. But industry folks have already been doing “studies” that say that 6 billion in tax revenue and 280,000 jobs will come our way. Hey guys, we see all the Texas plates around! We know who’s getting those jobs. And we’ll be left with the big bill.


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