tomatoes–the 2010 season
July 16, 2010, 10:33 pm
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It is a pretty strange thing to wake up at night worrying about tomatoes. I listen for any night-time rain with trepidation and a big sense of foreboding. Isn’t that weird? I break into a sweat and wring my hands nervously. I inspect and re-inspect the rows, looking looking. Is that it? I google images of it to compare. I worry.

But I mean I’m not a farmer. I’m just trying to can some freaking tomatoes! But as I’ve read on other garden blogs–this year is different. We’re just all so FREAKED out about last year. About that will shall not be spoken. The big B word. Well the big L-B word. The heartbreaking story that was 2009. Maybe I should be like others and not speak of it, not whisper about it, just sit tight until we have some red ones and can breathe again. I am a bit superstitious here, but I’m feeling a tad hopeful. Things look very good out there people!! Lots of fruit. So far so good right. Ugh. I feel scared to be writing about it. I’ll cross my fingers and toes, and any other superstitious thing I can think of.

I am afraid to call out the names of those I cultivate, just in case I am dooming them. Poor things. But this is nuts right? Ok, deep breath.

San Marzano, Green Moldovan, Cour di Bue, Big Beef, Paul Robeson, Japanese Black Trifele, Striped Roman, Pink Grapefruit, Pantano, Sungold.

Good luck out there guys. You’re looking great. Just hang on, and get ripe people!


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