other people’s stories: urban farming
June 28, 2010, 8:44 pm
Filed under: farm, gardening, goats

novella with friends

Photo from Flickr here.

Novella is an urban farmer in Oakland CA. Many of you have heard of her, she wrote a book on about her experiences last year–very popular book–she raised pigs and rabbits on a city lot. But this may be news for some of you. So here you go!

A lot of her issues we can relate to. Swiss Chard rules! Corn, not so much. And she apparently pays 18.00 a bale for alfafa for her pygmy goats!!? Holy cow. Makes our 5.00 crappy hay seem not so bad! She’s a funny lady. She admits that the pigs were too much. I heard a story with her on the radio and she was talking about dumpster diving to feed them–fish heads!!! Ye-uck. And now has goats, but admits they’re not really a great money saver. Obsessives: Urban Farming : Novella Carpenter’s backyard is a pigsty.

Here’s a link from a segment on NPR which has the first chapter of her book.


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