Attack! pests and predators in the garden
May 27, 2010, 10:56 am
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Trying to do the garden farming thing and you often realize just what an epic struggle you’re engaged in. It’s life and death out there. Last year’s blight was a good reminder of how tough it is, and how strong mother nature is.

So, this morning I go out to my early morning watering and am struck by the pests and predators we’re currently battling.

First of all, I’ve been waiting for a year now to have some strawberries. Patiently waiting, hoping for a nice strawberry. Sigh. We’re nearly there. Plants are big and loaded with berries.

strawberries and leeks

oh boy oh boy!

And then…


Apparently we’re not the only ones waiting for a treat. Sheesh. Damn chippies. We’ve also lost some to botrytis (moldy berries), and some ends have been eaten by some kind of insect. ARGH. There go my dreams of at least having enough to make one dessert!

And then I decided to check in on the bees. I opened up Louis and ACK!! SCARY!!!

Ants everywhere!!!

Sigh. Guess we’ll have to look up ant control for beehives.

I took the lid away and hosed it down, but i’m sure there are many many others lurking!


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I don’t like the look of those ants! Much bigger than the ones in the UK! Do they damage the bees or hive? What can you do about them without harming the bees? I’m intruiged!

Comment by wingclipped

it was pretty frightening! they’re large carpenter ants i think. we have small ones too. these ones live in the trees and we have a lot of those around. the bees didn’t seem to be attacking them–and they weren’t actually in the hive part with the bees just on top of the hive. i think i read you can make a moat around the hive or something. i just hosed them off somewhere away from the hive. have to check and see if they’re back. YUCK!

Comment by rsalis

Every single @#$% time I decide to let fruit ripen for “just one more day” on the plant, it gets eaten. The critters have an uncanny way of waiting til stuff’s at the very peak of ripeness and eating it up. Now I pick things slightly underripe whenever possible

Comment by Peter

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