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May 24, 2010, 4:49 pm
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After the big utility pole escapade I am really all kind of tired out of the dealing with contractors situation here at Turdacres. Yes, it’s true that we like the lifelong learning, and trying new things, learning new skills all the time. But sometimes it’s just too much.

So the latest issue (alluded to earlier–remember the water through the roof, no water in the pipes story?) continues to be the well. It runs fine, we’ve never run out of water, but we don’t have enough pressure to backwash the filters for the water. Now there are strange bangs in the pipes and the pump runs a long time. What could it be?

I’ve had plumbers look at it, and the last dudes said the next step would be to replace the lines to the well. Argh. Second opinion please! So last week I had the well digging guys come over to diagnose it. Sheesh. It’s pretty confusing. And i’m pretty glum that they came out, and said in the end, well dunno, i guess it could be the lines into the house from the well? Here’s the funny part of the convo:

Guy: “So, who’s your backhoe guy?”
Me: “Huh?”
Guy: “you know, the guy you call when you need something dug up, you got one of those right?

Me (thinking): Natch dude. Of course we have a backhoe guy. Everyone has a backhoe guy, I mean how could get by, uh, digging stuff, without one?

Anyhow apparently there is no end to our cityfolk ways! Not even sure how we would go about finding ourselves one, but if we don’t dude will be charging us to subcontract him. Sigh.

I conclude my sad tale of woe and inadequacy with a photo of their visit.

flow at 12 gpm

Here they are testing the flow from the well head. Flows real good, looks like! What is that guy thinking about? Another crazy lady complaining about no water got lots of water? Shoot, guess I’m not digging these guys a new well? Looks pretty bored with his bud at any rate!

Ok back to the well flow. They measured at 12-13 gallons per minute. And it held there for a good 20 minutes or 300 gallons until I choked and said “please make it stop!” I couldn’t stand to see all the water going to waste. They were going to try and take it right down to nothing. Too difficult to watch. I choked. They said it seems like an ok well. I’m happy enough with that.

Looking around for info I find that you need 5 gpm and can get by on 3 gpm. Our pet sitter is now on city water but had a well for a long time and they’d dry it up all the time and had a cistern as well. So I’m a bit superstitious about the water thing. Dude is coming back tomorrow and the doode will also be in residence so we can do some more tests and decide where and how any line digging will occur. Sigh.


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