poison ivy, stings and assorted rashes
May 22, 2010, 7:19 pm
Filed under: bees, farm, gardening, the yard

Looks like summer is officially here! Time for a beer. Hard living out here at Turd Acres! Basically spend the whole summer with assorted rashes, bruises and sore muscles. Makes it extra crushing when the tomatoes fail!!!

Got the PI on the inside of one arm a couple of weeks ago. Argh so much of it around here. And then you can also pick it up from petting those goaties too. But I got it gardening.

Then I got some kind of a sting on my other wrist. Ye-ouch. Maybe it’s a bee sting. It really swelled up. I didn’t feel it, but then later, ouch. If it was a bee sting, they hurt! Maybe I was never stung before? It swells up good and stays with you for a few days. But it could have been a spider or something too I guess. The jury is out until I get stung again.

Anyhow back to the tomatoes. So far I’ve planted about 33 plants. If each plant comes out with 10 pounds of tomatoes, that’s kind of a LOT! But we totally underplanted potatoes. My master gardener book says that you should plant 100 pounds per person. That’s NERTZ!


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hey my dad used to have bees and 1 sting under my blouse in 3 places.someone sais they only sting once and the die.i’m not too sure about that.how are you doing?

Comment by ruby burton

hi aunt ruby!! i love hearing stories about the fun adventures you guys had with your dad! i like to stick my head right close to the hive to see what they’re doing. so far they seem pretty ok with that!

Comment by rsalis

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