a big adventure–beechwood nature hike
May 18, 2010, 10:20 am
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What did you do on Sunday? Did you wake up at 630 am, have pancakes by 8 and then head out for a nature hike by 9? Get lost by 10 found by 11 and then arrive home exhausted by noon? Sheesh it was a busy morning.

We went over to the Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve for what I thought would be a nice little walk– a small set of very pretty trails a pond and a treehouse lookout. And so it was when we set out for our walk.

love the mown grass trails

A goose followed us for a bit until we got to the pond.

we admired the construction of the pavillion

dense canopy

Then we got lost. We turned right at the sign that pointed to VISTA. We saw a utility cut with a sort of view to some houses, but turned down the utility cut looking for what surely must be a better VISTA than that. And we got lost. Way lost. Dense woods, trails, following the utility line. We even turned around at one point–which is always a hard one to do. Then we saw a road ahead. We’re saved! Then we got closer….

i see the road, but i can't get there from here

The path was washed out and huge ravine loomed! We stood back from the edge, a snake ran over the little girl’s foot down into the gulf. Scary!! What to do?

Ah well, we kept going, found our way out and had a pretty fun adventure all around! Who knew you could have such a great adventure so close to home.


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Ooops! You didn’t fancy trying your hand at climbing then?

Comment by wingclipped

Nope, the picture doesn’t really capture it, but it was a really steep and treacherous washout. We walked along the top of the ridge and it all worked out thankfully!

Comment by edwina

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