what cage-free looks like
May 1, 2010, 8:19 am
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On my way to Denver. Checking out the local paper found this relevant story with some great pics of chicks. This is a nice story about how cage free eggs are produced. Approximately 20,000 chickens will live in a barn that’s 330 feet long. They can move about, from roost to nest box, to dust bathing area on the ground level. So it’s definitely a lot nicer for the birds than the battery system. Check out this neat photo. First it’s a really beautiful shot, and second–it’s like 20,000 Edwina’s! Love those birds going up and down the ramps and coming out of the nest boxes. Looks pretty treacherous–I imagine a lot of heads get pooped on in this system, but at least they can move.

Photo: Denver Post: CYRUS MCCRIMMON

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disagree!!! humane is NOT doubling mortality, which mortality is 2 Xs higher in cage free vs. caged, plus caged is waaaaayyyyy more sanitory 1) for the birds & 2) for the eggs…so that they are kept separate from their feces…yuck!!!

Comment by Amanda

I picked mine up from a similar place – photos here –
People keep asking me if I got rescue chickens. Technically not, but I do wonder!!!

Comment by wingclipped

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