utility update
April 27, 2010, 9:28 am
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Ok, so this another link in the ongoing utilities issue. Part one is here.
After the big rush the comcast man said give me a week or so and we’ll have it done. So as not to be a big pain–I let it be for a week. Now it’s Tuesday of the following week and methinks–hey wonder what’s up with those dudes, guess I’ll have to call them. Note to self–IT NEVER PAYS TO LET THINGS BE. THERE IS NO PAY OFF FOR NOT BEING A PAIN IN SOMEONE’S BACKSIDE!!

9am two big trucks arrive. Verizon. Oh. So I go out and then realize that these are the stage two people, and stage one (comcast) has not been completed. ARGH!! They’re going to raise things they say but not where their supervisor said and they can’t raise anyways because there’s no room. But they get out the trucks and say they’re going to do something. This is not the biker crew this time. Clean cut dudes who say how much is a hand? You want to ride horses here right?

Anyhow I digress. I call comcast dude who tells me oh yeah our job is done. It was done on Thursday. Hmm.. really? No sir don’t think so. I go out to double check and no way nothing has been done. Sigh.

I feel so betrayed. My main man let me down.

Well anyhow–here’s a photo of the dudes in action. See the guy up there and two below? Maybe they’re actually doing something up there?

notice the azalea and dogwood?

Update 1030 am. The job is done. Sort of. Phone guys raised their line. It now crosses the cable line, but the phone line (dark black one) is 14 feet. Can it be true? Yes I walked under the line and it seems pretty high! Cable guy can fix their part now, later whatever. For now it looks done. Woohoo!

note line cross near pole

bye bye phone guy

while we're out let's admire the azalea

OH. MY. GOD. Ok so now it’s 11am. I just looked out and there was a truck in the drive. Can you believe this? It’s my main man. It must be an emergency because he told me couldn’t come up until this afternoon. Sigh. The phone guys gave him a raw deal. They just crossed the lines and tacked themselves up, and cable guy got screwed. Poor guy. He says “they took out their belly, but they’ve put us both in violation.” They’re both violating the 30 inch to electric lines. He seemed really mad! And he did the measuring thing and said we’re at 13’6″ and his lines will be the same as theirs. I don’t really understand all this, but it’s clearly a crap job those phone dudes put over. It violates all the things cable guy told me were proper–12 inch between phone and cable and 30 to the electric.

And turns out cable contractor guy went to the WRONG house on the street on Thursday. So he’s all mad about that. So he says that by today or first thing tomorrow his dudes will be back to finish the crappy job. And it should be ok unless the power co decides to do a “pole audit”. He said they just settled a lawsuit out of court based on a pole audit and they settled it for 24 million in back pole rent because comcast didn’t have the right permits to be on some of the poles. Yikes! I said, I sure hope you get a lot of vacation. Sounds like a nertz kind of job if you ask me.

Anyhow that’s the scoop. 13′ and change and in violation but no one will ever check it.


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