hives and back roadtrip
April 9, 2010, 7:46 pm
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Picked up the beehives today from Brushy Mountain. Seems to be a spring tradition–do a big road trip in search of some agricultural product. This year it’s bees. We got the hives and now need to paint them before we pick up the bees in a few weeks.

A guy out picking up pallets behind the store got talking to us about bees (like we know a thing!) but he said that he’s a food buyer and noticed that the past couple of years pumpkin harvests have been way down out there. It would have been interesting to talk to him longer about his job! but alas, we were hungry –and it was freezing outside, so we got our stuff into the car and left.

We drove out to New Columbia via route 22 and 80. It’s out past State College. Nice farmland to look at.

a--bees, b--lunch!

On the way back we stopped at Elk Creek Cafe in Miheim PA. what a pleasant lunch! I love chowhound. Someone recommended it as a neat place outside of State College, so I looked into it on my slow iphone. The real name is Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks, so I knew I had a good buy in from the doode. And the beer was good! Nice place. They apparently have a lot of live music, and their focus is on local food. There is a PASA office right behind it (PA sustainable agriculture). The woman next to us asked for a tomato on her burger and got the icey–no tomatoes, they’re not in season! Oof. Anyhow i had a great salad with chevre and pumpkin seeds, and doode had a portabello and poblano sandwich with good fries.

We need to find our way back there, and I hope you can make it there too if you’re in the hood. It’s cool out there. Cute old towns (somehow we went through Mifflinburg which we wanted to see again–it doesn’t appear to be on our route so we must have been lost for a bit?!). There’s some Amish out that way, I saw a buggy go down main street while we were lunching.

We also saw a lot of construction and gas well activity! Crazy times out there. Lots of frac truck and cranes.


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Sounds like a nice trip! Bees – I can’t wait!

Comment by Lee

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