aggressive bird!
March 31, 2010, 5:18 pm
Filed under: chickens, liz

Poor Liz. She can’t lay eggs. She gets picked on by the other chickens. She doesn’t like to get her feet wet. She has the largest feet of all the chickens. While she is beautiful, she has many issues. Interestingly, while she’s on the bottom of the chicken pecking order, that hasn’t stopped her from being the MOST aggressive chicken to non-chickens. She will harass the goats–up in their business feather fluffed, even getting a good peck in. Poor Sydney takes the brunt of her attacks. She doesn’t counter attack the chicken, but looks baleful and moves away to let Liz take her dinner. Sigh.

Today I noticed another funny Liz maneuver. The chickens were out lawn hunting. Having a good time. A robin was also out nearby and I noticed that they all seemed to be focused on their own business. But then all of a sudden Liz takes a big flapping run after the robin. The robin is surprised and runs a bit and then flaps up–just barely escaping. What is with that? Would the chicken have really attacked the robin? Eaten the robin? Weird. I’ll have to google that.


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